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 "Distinction between Midwifery and Medical Model of Care"


M.O.M.S. Client Information,
Client Rights and Responsibilities

Mennonite Order of Maternal Services is a community-based professional midwifery service providing care under a 501C3 charitable association charter. We are not allowed to enter into financial contracts, bill third party payors or decline services based on the inability of the client family to contribute to the cost of those services. 

Primary midwifery care is provided by Faith Gibson, LM, CPM ~ a nationally-certified professional midwife (North American Registry of Midwives  #96050001) and a California licensed community midwife (#041). A midwifery student usually assists and provides care under Faith’s supervision. Our midwifery service utilizes the standards and guidelines of midwifery practice as posted on the College of Midwives’ web site. Please feel free to make yourself familiar with the principles of professional midwifery at  www.collegeofmidwives.org/college_of_midiwves01/CharClinicalComp%2001.htm.

You will also be provided with 4 informational or “Informed Consent” documents ~ Medical Interface Arrangements, GBS information and Informed Choice and Consent for Out of Hospital Labor and Birth, and the CPM Statistical Project Consent form. These will all need to be read, signed, witnessed and placed in your chart as part of the permanent record.

Recommendations  by Your Midwives      

As a community-based practitioner I am ever mindful that you may desire or be required to interface with medical care providers sometime during the pregnancy, intrapartum (labor and birth) or postpartum/postnatal periods. I strongly suggest that parents-to-be identify a specific physician (family practice doctor or obstetrician) whom they trust and would like to receive care from, should need arise. 

If you are unable to do make such an arrangement, it will be necessary to utilize the clinic and/or resident staff at one of the major teaching hospitals in the area. Depending on where you live that would be Stanford (central peninsula) or Valley Medical Center (south) or San Francisco General, UCSF (north).

While the Licensed Midwifery Practice Act (LMPA) of 1993 requires California Licensed Midwives to practice under the direct and accountable supervision of a physician, it does not require that doctors provide such supervision. At present, all the malpractice insurance carriers in California forbid doctors to have any professional association with any midwife that provides home-based maternity care. Please note, I am unable to be in technical compliance with the LMPA of 1993 as physician supervision is not available to me, despite my best efforts to secure it.

Also we want you to be aware that professional liability insurance is unavailable to domiciliary midwives such as myself and for that reason, neither I nor any students or assistants carry liability insurance (i.e., NO malpractice insurance coverage for agents and associates of the Mennonite Order of Maternal Services)


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